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DesignbyCode is the collaboration of two highly tech savvy individuals who are no longer satisfied with an internet saturated with mediocre websites and web 'solutions'.
Individually frustrated, they decided to combine their skill sets together, designing and coding, so that together they could provide people like yourselves with the most intelligent and well crafted websites to meet your every need.
Let us design and code your website today.
DesignbyCode offer hosting solutions for our clients and non-clients alike, all at very competative prices.
All Plan Features Unlimited Domains Hosted* Unlimited Sub-Domains* Unlimited POP3 Accounts* Unlimited FTP Accounts* Unlimited MySQL Databases* cPanel 8 PHP 4.3 MySQL 4.0.15 Perl 5.8.0 Private cgi-bin Fantastico RVSkin JRE Module
* = Unlimited within your allotted space.

We take pride in the fact that we can create a website that is unique and stylish while still meeting all of your needs. Read more about our areas of expertise and philosophy and get excited today.DesignbyCode specializes in three main areas:

Good web design relies on creating an effective and eye catching website which is both simple and stylish at the same time. This is not as easy as you may think. Combining latest technology to make crisp clear designs, rollover animations, 3d graphics, macromedia flash animations and more, we have the skills and the programs to make any vision you have come true, or even to create a vision for you. Guy Blomberg (Web Graphic Designer)

Design and graphics may be the intial attraction people have to a website, but what will keep them coming back is a dynamic and ever changing site with context specific information. We can create dynamically changing pages where anything from small lines of text to whole page layouts can be changed by yourself at the press of a button. We can do complex shopping cart sites and create and maintain large online databases. Basically, if you want it, we can do it. Matt Burgess (System Admin and Computer Programmer)

Having a fantastic website is one thing, but there's no point to it unless you can get people to see it. We have been in the internet industry for a decade now, and if there's one thing we know, its how to generate traffic. Anything from submitting your website to major search engines under keyword specific terms, to organising traffic deals with other websites, we can even create a campaign for you in print media and video advertising to promote an awareness of your website. We can make your site be seen.

All about Guy Blomberg Completely self taught from an early age, Guy has been a professional web artist for around 6 years, but has unofficially been manipulating graphics for as long as he can remember. Freelancing initially in sydney and the gold coast, eventually returning to Brisbane and starting a long term work relationship at a local internet web company. he is now experienced in areas of team and project management, customer support, 2d and 3d graphic design, video editing, vector graphic animations, advanced html, xml, javascript, and more. You can learn more about Guy and see his portfolio at:

All about Matt Burgess Starting Web Design in the days when Notepad was the best design tool you could get, Matt has now logged nearly 8 years in design and programming. He has worked on an extensive array of projects in those years, including online shopping carts, membership databases, creation of online businesses and a range of other technologies and services. With experience in database construction and management, php, asp, Cold Fusion, css, javascript, system administration and networking, Matt is a uniquely skilled and experienced coder. You can learn more about Matt and see his portfolio at: Following is a list of the websites that we have collectively worked on here at

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